Guide for using wet polishing pads
Sep 01, 2017

1. Wear an apron, a mask and safety glasses firstly. Connect a back holder pad to the polisher or angle Grinder machine, and attach a wet polishing pad of grit 50 to the backer up holder. Set the speed at 3,000-4,000 RPM and start polishing process.

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2. Moving two passes across and one pass up and down is a good technique. Make sure all prior scratches are removed before moving to the next grit. Repeat the same process using all 7 step pads to complete the polishing process. Polish from grit 50 to grit 3000 respectively. Do not skip any step polishing.

 granite marble stone wet pads.jpg

3. If you want to achieve the best polishing results on granite or other natural stones, use buff polishing pad as the last step. Wet the workpiece and run the buff pads semi-wet with very low water. When the water is consumed, the process is complete. Repeat as necessary to improve the luster and achieve the mirror effect result.

Black buff is suitable for darker color stones while black buff for light color ones.


4. Dry pads are designed for use on jobs without using water, but polishing with a small amount of water to wet the object surface will ultimately reach a better result.

 4 inch polishing pads (5).jpg

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