How to clean up the marble
Nov 01, 2017

Firstly, the daily cleaning method of marble

1, Everyday use a dust push with electrostatic dust agent (dust push oil) in the marble surface back and forth dust, according to the flow density to determine the number of times back and forth dust.

2, Grease, plastic stains: such as fat oil, mineral oil, resin, respectively use a towel with detergent and dust to squeeze the oil, then use a clean towel.

Clean water over the net, and finally use a clean towel to clean water.

3, If it accidentally drops of fruit stains, you need to immediately wipe with a towel by soap or detergent, and clean the net with a clean towel.

4, If there is yellow rust and Macular, professional stone rust agent should be applied, cover and infilatration.

Secondly, the marble care and maintenance methods

1, Crystal hard treatment also called crystal face treatment, which is the use of marble crystal face care machine with crystal face agent to do regular face care.

2, Waterproof and oil treatment. Use oily infiltration or water-based waterproof and anti-oil agent coated with stone surface.

Thirdly, the marble cleaning and maintenance precautions

1, Marble is not resistant to acid and alkali. Therefore, fruit juice, coffee, tea, cola and other mild alkaline acid can be corrosive to stone, which once found dripping, should be wiped and cleaned immediately, and use water over the net. Daily cleaning must use neutral detergent (such as detergent, hand sanitizer).

2, Marble stone is soft, low hardness, not wear. So sand and metal hard objects can scratch the stone. Do not move tables and chairs on the surface. Cleaning and maintenance should be done when the stone sand and hard objects are cleaned away.

3, Due to marble itself's material reasons, if water on the stone stay for too long, the stone will absorb part of the water and without cleaning in time, it becomes wear out.

It is difficult to control, especially light-colored marble, cleaning and maintenance, should be as much as possible to reduce water consumption, and should keep the stone dry. Generally make the waterproof protection treatment.before installation.

4, Marble can not play water wax or solid wax, which are very traditional and backward maintenance methods more than 10 years ago. There is a serious drawbacks of this false maintenance method. This will block the natural pores of stone, so that the stone can not normally "breathe", prone to disease.

5, According to the use of density, regularly have the routine hardening treatment.

6, regular waterproof and anti-oil care.

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