Maintaining Polished Concrete
Jun 08, 2016

Unlike traditional floor finishes, such as carpet or vinyl tile, polished concrete does not require extensive maintenance procedures such as waxing, sealers and burnishing.

Stain resistant polished concrete when utilized correctly requires only mild, neutral ph cleaners combined with auto scrubbing to keep it clean. Periodic burnishing with commonly available diamond impregnated pads will maintain the desired gloss over an extended period of years and under heavy traffic. Diamond polished concrete results in the industry’s lowest life cycle costs.


· Utilize neutral pH cleaners or a recommended cleaner.

· IClean incidental spills quickly to avoid dwell time and staining issues.

· Remove abrasive materials such as sand to avoid a loss of gloss from the ongoing abrasion.

Utilize diamond or abrasive impregnated pads to maintain the sheen periodically as advised by the polished floor chemical manufacturer. 

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