Polishing Concrete Floors Using Right Tools
Aug 17, 2016

Polishing Concrete Floors Using Right Tools

Whether a polished concrete floor exists in an airport, commercial or industrial building, business office, retail establishment, or any other industry, these can be the most beautiful, elegant floors of any available today. Polished concrete floors reflect light beautifully, offer an appearance similar to stone, and is an eco-friendly choice for businesses.

Diamond tooling can seem a bit confusing for those who aren’t familiar with it. Essentially, when working with soft concrete, it’s important to use a diamond that is hard-bonded; it’s just the opposite when working with hard concrete, as soft diamonds are preferred in this application. Diamonds in diamond tooling are designed to cut or polish a concrete surface, so they must be exposed when polishing concrete. Years ago, metal and resin bonds were the only type of diamond tooling. Today, diamonds may be mixed-resin or hybrid, and are typically a blend of metal and resin bonds within the same segment, which is essentially the raised part of the diamond tool that holds the bond.

Before you purchase diamond tools or attachments for your concrete floor grinder, it’s vital to know the “consistency” of your concrete; that is, whether it is soft, medium, or hard. Knowing this information will increase productivity exponentially. Diamond tooling also comes in various grits, which makes the selection process even more difficult. Grit simply refers to the size of the diamonds within the diamond tool. 

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