What is the stone grinding and polishing methods?(wet polishing and dry polishing)
May 27, 2017

Diamond polishing pads are in a wide range use, mainly in the polishing of granite, marble stones. Stone grinding and polishing method is divided into two kinds: one is dry polishing, another one is wet polishing. The advantages and disadvantages of these two methods are described in detail below.

Dry polishing is the process of polishing the polishing agent liquid to the dry. The advantage of dry grinding & polishing method is that the polishing time is relatively short with a high efficiency. Besides, polished stone brightness is also high. The shortcomings of dry grinding method is that: big power needed, otherwise there will be a crash situation, and the durability of stone brightness is relatively short.

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Wet polishing method refers to the whole process of polishing is carried out in the wet situation. Wet polishing method has the advantage of the use of power is not required, and polished stone brightness is more durable. And the polished stone is resistant to washing. The drawback of the wet polishing method is that the polishing time is longer than the time spent on dry polishing.


We choose the diamond stone grinding method based on our own needs, each method has its advantages and disadvantages. This phenomenon is inevitable. Everything has two sides: good side and bad side. In spite of this, there is always a way to fit what we need.

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