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Concrete Curing Agent Construction Precautions
Apr 26, 2018

1. Early coarse grinding is particularly important. Early coarse grinding mainly plays a leveling (affects ground reflection and uniformity) and opens the ground capillary holes. Grinding pieces must be polished in strict accordance with the order. Skip marks are strictly forbidden. The sequence grinding is mainly to further make the surface more delicate, and at the same time to eliminate the scratches of the polishing plate left by the previous mesh during polishing.

2, the upper curing agent material to clean the ground, and observe whether the scratches on the ground, if necessary, rework (to prevent mud deposited on the ground, the formation of color and plug the pores of the ground, affect the penetration of materials), and to dry the ground (increased material Permeability). According to the material manufacturer's requirements, the water shall be replenished proportionately and the entire floor shall be kept wet for a period of time (water may be added during the period). Observe the lifting strength of the floor (coins or keys, etc. leave no scratches and can be further constructed).

3, the material after the grinding needs to be polished with water, and timely clean up the ground mud. Can increase the number of grinding, and cross-polished. Prevents residual curing agent material from laying on the floor. The acidic powder residue material appears white granular or white mist, and the alkaline material appears white or light yellow gel. Affects the perception of the ground. Observe whether there is scratches on the ground and whether there is a certain brightness, and touch the ground with your hand to feel the fineness and friction of the ground.

4, according to the order of polishing the ground to further polish the ground can be thrown at this time, increase the brightness of the ground and speed up the construction speed.

5. If necessary, spray the slurry. Use a high-speed polisher with a polishing pad for polishing. At present, the polishing pad is divided into: animal hair pad containing diamond powder, animal hair pad, cyan pad, and pad. The polishing effect decreases in turn.


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