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Concrete Surface Preparation
May 29, 2018

It's all in the process, and diamonds are the secret ingredient that drives every stage of preparation and polishing concrete:

1. Preparing Your Floor 
First, we prepare your concrete floor by removing existing glues, coatings and materials. During this diamond grinding process, we use coarser grades of tools to do the heavy lifting. This step sets the stage for a progressively finer series of grinding and polishing steps.

2. Pre-polishing 

After preparing your floor, we then begin the process of using progressively higher-grit diamond tools to further grind and hone the concrete. This serves to further flatten and level the surface, setting the stage for a series of final polishing steps.

3. Densification & Hardening 
Before final polishing begins, we apply liquid chemical densifiers to the concrete. This ensures a hard, rock-solid concrete surface, and is essential to enable the floor to resist stains and liquid penetration. It also prevent concrete dust once polished.

4. Multi-stage Polishing 
Using more sophisticated diamond-studded resin tools, we now begin the process of final polishing to produce the pop and shine that is Floorlab's calling card. We use progressively finer grits to achieve this, not stopping until the surface reaches its full, polished potential.

Floorlab takes the time get to know the character of your floor before getting started and communicates with you proactively during every stage of the process. Results may therefore vary due to concrete conditions that are out of our control. This collaborative approach ensures there are no surprises. It's all about transparency and integrity.

                                                                                   Writen by Helen

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