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Electroplated Diamonds&Brazed Diamonds
Jun 22, 2018

Electroplated Diamonds:

The electroplating process entraps the diamond crystals in a layer of nickel-based plating material. This process typically requires the tool blank to be inserted into a bed of loose diamond crystals in a plating tank while an electrical circuit is established within the fluid of the tank to electrically deposits the plating material onto the tool blank. This process bonds the diamonds to the tool blank and provides a more uniform coating of diamonds.

vacumn blade01.jpgBrazed Diamonds:

The diamonds in brazed diamond tools are physically bonded to the tool blank. This is accomplished with a layer of special brazing metal that is adhered to both the tool blank and the diamond crystals with intense heat. Since all of the diamond crystals are not the same distance from the tool durring the electroplating process, some diamond are more exposed than others on the finished tool.

Sharing by Helen Zhang

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