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How To Achieve An Exquisite Polished Concrete Floor?
May 03, 2018

  With the continuous improvement of polishing equipment and grinding technology, whether it is a new or old concrete floor surface, do not need to wax or coating paint, can be ground into a high-gloss, durable floor.

  However, in the concrete construction, it was found that it was not easy to build a high-quality polished concrete floor. Let's analyze its construction process.

Resin pads

Step 1: coarse grinding and leveling

Grind the prime surface with a 60# diamond plate to grind the surface repeatedly and repeatedly until the surface of the concrete is even and smooth.

Step 2: Base hardening

1:2 dilution of concrete hardener, and dilute the hardener on the surface of the concrete, and use dust to repeatedly push hardener evenly. Keep the ground moist for one hour. If the hardener is completely drained from the floor, then add hardener.

Step 3: fine grinding

After curing for 4 hours after natural curing, the 50#/150#/300#/500# diamond resin abrasive discs were sequentially selected for dry grinding, and the cross-sections were evenly ground. Each scratch was removed until the scratches left by the previous grinding process disappeared. After grinding, the dust left by grinding must be cleaned.

Step 4: Coloring

Non-colored parts and walls are well protected. Roll the colorant evenly onto the surface of the concrete with a roller, and repeatedly push the colorant evenly with dust, until it is completely absorbed by the concrete.

Step 5: Fixing

The concrete twin hardening agent or the concrete fixing hardener is evenly sprayed on the concrete surface, and is repeatedly pushed and evenly coated with dust.

Step 6: polishing

Use a high-speed polisher with a #2 diamond polishing pad (equivalent to a 1000# polishing pad) to polish until a deep glass sheen occurs.

Only after this rigorous six-step construction can the polished concrete floor guarantee the quality of the floor.

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