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How To Repair Marble/granite?
May 10, 2018


  The restoration of marble/granite and other stone is an art.

  1.Stone restorations include polishing/grinding. Grinding refers to polishing/grinding the surface of scratched and etched dull stones.Small diamonds can be used as abrasive tools to eliminate scratches.

  2.Choose a good polishing material. When polishing, every number of abrasive or grinding polishing should be carefully checked after the polished surface of the polished surface, after the grinding of a grinding stone should be covered after the previous abrasive produced trace.

  3.Polishing compounds and polishing pads can be used to increase friction, allowing natural refraction of marble, granite and other stones.

  4.No dust is allowed during stone repair, grinding/polishing.So clean up the dirt on the stone surface. At this time you can use the cleaning pad.

  5.The sheen of natural marble/granite and other stones has nothing to do with coating or wax. If the stone is properly maintained, the stone can retain its long-term luster.

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