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Murat Team Travelling In Guilin City,Guangxi
Sep 12, 2018

Murat team is in Guilin


Mountain Laoshanzhai

老山寨之传奇队.jpgMountain Laoshanzhai

  Murat Company Team travelling in Guilin from September8 to Septemver10,we go through Terraced field in Longji City,Boating over the Li River,the River is so clean and even can see the fishes,besides river,there are different shapes of mountains,if you are good at checking and imagining,you will see 9 horses.Riding 10 miles gallery,enjoy The Mama Moon Mountain. 

  The most amasing is we 7 people Mountaineering the Mount of Laoshanzhai,it let us know we are super and never give up,you will see more beautiful and further View.

桂林山水.jpg Guilin Mountains. The Guilin Mountains and surrounding area is one of the most inspirational spots for poets and artists in the world. Limestone mountains and incredible rock formations spring up in various shapes and sizes all along the Li River. Seven-star Park, which covers an area of 100 hectares, features rivers, caves, the Seven Star Peaks, "Morning of Camel Hill," "Crescent Rainbow Shadow," and Putuo Stone Forest."

The Guilin Mountains and Seven-Star Park area also features scenic features like Flower Bridge, Longyin Cave, Zenggong Stong, Crescent Stone, Camel Hill, Longyin Stone, and Flower Bridge.

                                                                                Writen by Helen

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