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Apr 25, 2018

Sealing outdoor concrete surfaces is an essential part of hardscape maintenance. Concrete sealer is a lot like car wax-many people go without and then regret it when the paint peels. Sealer may not seem necessary at first, but after a few years of exposure to weather and use concrete can become discolored, stained or even flaky.

A concrete driveway or patio sealer will protect against:

· Oil stains

· Tire marks

· Deicing salts

· Yellowing or fading

· Water damage

· Dirt, mud and mold

· Lawn care chemicals

All types of exterior concrete should be sealed including plain concrete, stamped concrete, stained concrete, integrally colored concrete, exposed aggregate, stenciled concrete, engraved concrete and overlays. When a good concrete sealant is used, maintenance is easy—wash the driveway or patio with soap and water, or a degreaser designed for use on cement, and apply a fresh coat of sealer about every three years.

The best concrete sealer for a driveway, patio, pool deck or walkway is:

· UV resistant

· Breathable

· Slip resistant, even when wet

Outdoors a penetrating concrete sealer is usually better than a film-forming product for safety reasons, but also because the end result will last longer and looks more realistic and natural, especially when sealing stamped concrete.

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